Seems Reasonable is organized around projects. Each project conists of research and development, manufacturing and play time. The team members vary from project to project. Some projects are pretty large and some quite small. Below are details on some of our past and on-going projects.

Aren had always wanted to be on Battlebots and he has had the design he wanted to build since he was 14. A big leaf spring fired by a mechanism that he developed in middle school and was used in the FIRST Robotics competition. The Choo-choo. In 2017 Sean convinced Aren that he really should build a prototype, show it to a few people and get on the show when it moved to the Discovery Channel.

What could be simpler than an electric go-kart made out of a wooden box?

Van Goooooh

Tantrum 2019

Gary the Snail

Boxing Champion 2019

Tantrum 2020