Seems Reasonable Robotics was founded by Aren Hill and Sean Doherty to support a community of engineers that wanted to use their skills and experience to develop innovative solutions for fields including combat robotics and grass roots electrically powered motorsports.

The core of the team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but we pull on a pool of talent across the country.

In Season 3 of Battlebots on the Discovery and Science Channels we introduced the world to Tantrum our flipper based around a titanium leaf spring. Tantrum also proved the value of our “floating armor” and the utility of our modular drive pods. In 2019 the next version of Tantrum competed in season 4 of Battlebots and our robot Boxing Champion competed in King of Bots in Shanghai China. Aren also took the crown as the Champion of the Power Wheels Racing Series in a snail themed electric go-kart built by Seems Reasonable Robotics.